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The Impact of COVID 19

Any substance or behavior can either serve as a tool for recreation, or as a coping mechanism under certain circumstances.

Psych Central is geared to deal with the latter, and to facilitate your journey to healthy habits.

If you have a friend or loved one who's struggling with addiction, read our 5 tips on how to help them.

Addiction is NOT entirely your fault

Society has been conditioned to judge addiction through the eyes of the so called 'saint', and has yet to realize the actual effect of one's roots and how difficult it is to change your circumstances if you are being held 'captive' by your past.

Please watch the video below to either gain insight into addiction, or to understand someone else's addiction.

The Impact of COVID 19

The current state of the world has had a tremendous effect on all of us, and statistics show a major increase in substance abuse and addictive behavior due to certain experiences induced by COVID 19 such as:

  • Overall burnout due to increased workload & responsibility.

  • Loss of income or uncertainty

  • Strain on relationships between spouses, children and collogues

  • Death in the family or workplace

  • Unresolved mental or physical trauma

Image by Ashkan Forouzani

Feelings & Emotions

All of these experiences cause certain negative feelings & emotions such as:

  • Worthlessness

  • Lack of Hope, Trust & Faith

  • Overall Negativity

  • Self Blame & Destructive thoughts

Let one of our trained professionals help you eliminate the destructive barriers keeping you addicted to unhealthy coping mechanisms Book a consultation below:

Taking Action

All of these feelings & emotions cause a major increase in stress, anxiety and depression, which debilitates you and your ability to recover from the effects of COVID 19, or even just the added pressures brought on by 2020.

  • You lack the energy & motivation to take needed actions in order to resolve certain problems.

  • You lack the confidence needed to take risks in your career or otherwise.

Let one of our trained professionals help you establish direction and regain the confidence needed to beat addiction.  Book a consultation below:

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Reflection Through Broken Glass

How We Cope

You're not alone, let one of our trained professionals help you. Book a consultation below:

Sometimes during stressful situations or under certain circumstances, we get overwhelmed easily which we'll do anything to numb the effect of, and this usually leads to substance abuse or addictive behavior.

We often tell ourselves that it's temporary, until the storm passes. The problem comes in when the storm does not seem to dissipate in time, and the coping mechanisms start taking control of our lives.

Psych Central's highly qualified psychologists are geared to help you deal with the causing emotions and increase your self worth.


This leads to increased energy & motivation that is needed for a healthy mind's cognitive ability to solve problems, which leads to an increase in your overall confidence, and these two combined acts as a fire starter in your life and you start to see things more clearly than ever.

Start The Journey, Let's Go...

All we require from you is to take that first step to book your first appointment.

You don't even need to leave your house or the office, you can opt for an online consultation, or you can visit us in person at one of our top facilities in Gauteng.

And, if you're on a medical aid, you need not even worry about the costs.

What does the Therapy Process look like?

5 Tips on helping someone with addiction


Psych Central's Therapy Process


The intake process can last from 1 to 4 sessions.

The purpose is to gather information and to build a trusting relationship.


Acceptance does not refer to accepting the unhealthy behavior, but rather the acceptance of your past actions and letting go of the self-judgement which is keeping you from moving forward.


When we get to a point of 'self-acceptance' we can start working on your confidence and your ability to start the journey to recovery.


Once you're back on track, we'll teach you healthier coping mechanisms and tools to combat any addictive behavior that wants to resurface.

As scary as this process may seem, it most definitely is not, in fact, its extremely liberating because you'll be taking back control of your own life.

Don't hesitate, start the process today

We provide Psychotherapy in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Sesotho


Sessions are 50 minutes in duration, with the following 2 rates:

  • Cash Rate



+ 15% VAT @ R134

= R1,030 (Payable on the day)

  • Medical Aid Rate


R896 (Covered by Medical Aid)

+ R170 Admin Fee (Payable on the day)

+ 15% VAT @ R160 (Covered by Medical Aid)

= R1,200

When making your booking online, please add your medical aid detail in the provided space so that we can check for pre-approval. Check Now





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