The Team

We are lucky enough to have some of the most amazing and talented people on board, and our team is growing every month, so please don't hesitate to become a part of this special group of people.

About Psych Central

The Old Psych Central

The New Psych Central

We used to value hard work and numbers, but as of 2021, our vision and mission have completely changed. No longer will Psych Central be the place where you work, and your home the place where you recuperate, you'll be balanced, rejuvenated, and have a ton of fun, all whilst at Psych Central.


First of, we plan on expanding way beyond Gauteng and growing our footprint across South Africa. We're also expanding beyond the conventional psychotherapy, by organizing retreats, where clients can come to experience a holistic approach to healing, which you can be a part of.

You as the practitioner will have the opportunity to get involved in a number of amazing activities such as hiking, yoga, meditation, charity events, gift boxes, challenges, sponsors, and much more.


We've also recognized that everyone have different skills & competencies, and therefor no longer have a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, we'll help you identify your strengths, and capitalize on them.

Psych Central was incorporated at the end of 2019, with head psychologist Christel Roets, and serial entrepreneur Ruvey Roets, due to a gap in the industry. This gap being insufficient support for qualified psychologists, after they've completed community service or internship, as it can be a daunting and difficult task to start up a private practice with little to no support.


We’ve set out to accomplish this task by creating an environment that is guaranteed to equip independent psychologists with the needed skills and competencies to enter the private practice arena with confidence and guaranteed success.

We can confidently say that, in spite of many obstacles, this has been accomplished, but the biggest accomplishment was the knowledge we've gained in the past 12 months which have now resulted in something truly amazing under our new vision and mission.

We Still Got It

Even though we've adjusted our approach, we still bring to the table all the benefits which have been a part of Psych Central's success and popularity.

The way we've structured our business model, allows our practitioners total freedom and transparency, in that they determine their own working hours, approach to therapy, and also the type of clients they prefer, whilst we provide a safe space for them and their clients.

What Will You Get?


Well, to start off with, you get a 'family', a network of people there to support you every step of the way. Being a part of this community feels amazing, and it's a ton of fun, we host all kinds of activities, from hiking to drumming to birthday parties.


You will gain access to a fully furnished, private office in a well-established, private, practice in the heart of either Rivonia, Sandton, or Menlyn, Pretoria. Our practice comes with all the bell’s & whistles needed to perform optimally as you were trained to.


You will be awarded with your very own set of professionally designed business cards, letter heads, and a personal email address, adding to your quality skills and professionalism. We will also provide you with all the necessary stationary, including client files and writing material.


You will be added to Psych Central’s website and we’ll create your very own profile page, displaying your bio, qualifications, accomplishments and area of specialization.


You will get access to our established client base, as well as our effective marketing strategies and corporate budget, driving new clients to you.


Psych Central also takes care of all the administrative duties, so you can focus on doing what you were trained to do. No following up with clients, no dealing with medical aids, and no worrying about getting new clients through the door.


Individual supervision will be provided at no additional cost for as long as you are with us. We focus on you, so you can focus on your clients. Peer supervision groups will also be held on a regular basis, and can earn you some CPD points as well.


And just to top it all off, access to FREE snacks and drinks throughout the day, so you’ll be rejuvenated all day long. 😉

How To Join


Get Added To Our Database

Just follow this link at the bottom of the page. From there, you will be required to complete and submit an application form.


We will then evaluate your application and correspond accordingly. If you’ve been successful, we will give you a call to set up a formal interview.


After the formal interview, we will again evaluate your application and correspond accordingly. If you’ve been successful, you will be added to our database of approved service providers, and your  basic detail will also be added to the Psych Central website for public viewing.


Marketing & Induction

Once you’ve been added to our database of approved service providers, we'll then start building marketing campaigns to drive new clients your way.

Generally we'll invite you for an induction session, where you'll need to come into the office and receive some basic training, and to familiarize yourself with all the in's & out's of Psych Central. We'll also give you your business cards and show you around. 


This can also be done on the morning of your first actual therapy session.



  • Masters degree in psychology.

  • Completed Community Services (for clinical psychologists) or internship (for counselling & educational psychologists).

  • Registered with the HPCSA as an independent practitioner.

  • Willing to provide psychotherapy to clients. You may specify whether you're able to work with children, adolescents, couples or families.

  • Our requirements will be to provide the following services, but not be limited to:

    • Individual treatment processes with clients, coordinating and implementing treatment plans

    • Psychological assessments (optional)

  • Have regular supervision. This service will be provided by Psych Central, subject to our scope, skill set and availability. (This service is NOT guaranteed)

  • Attend compulsory peer supervision groups at the practice, once a month, or as required.

  • Comply with CPD guidelines as set by the HPCSA.

  • Be willing to service a multi-cultural and diverse client base. Psych Central is an inclusive practice and would require practitioners to be non-discriminatory with regards to gender, race, culture, sexuality, religion or otherwise. 

  • You need to be fluent, (Read, Write & Speak) in English. Other languages will be an advantage.